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We are bulding an awesome application to manage tasks that come in messages, by integrating business chats such as Slack, Gmail and Microsoft Teams.

Product concept


  • An illustration of Ryu Yamagishi

    Ryu Yamagishi

    Software Engineer

    As an elementary school student, Ryu represented Japan in the First Lego League, the world's largest robotics contest, and won second place in the world competition. Since his student days, he joined several startups and experienced many projects as a lead engineer. Currently, he is working as a backend engineer at a major venture company, while at the same time working on the development of Parkinglot.

  • An illustration of Rashedul


    UI/UX Designer

    A design professional with an insatiable thirst to bring innovation to creation. Rashed is passionate about creating flawless user experiences that enhance and extend the way people work, communicate, and interact. A designer specializing in the areas of UI & UX, Illustration, Branding, Graphic Design.

  • An illustration of Goki Sawada

    Goki Sawada


    2019, Goki joined a startup as a founding member and engaged in launching a designer matching service. After sold(M&A) the company to a listed company, he founded Parkinglot Inc.


Company name
Parkinglot Inc.
Goki Sawada
Osaka, Japan
January 4, 2022